What do we do?
We are specialized in structural calculation and in visualization by computer graphics
FEM3D is a specialist in structural engineering with projects carried out in several areas of engineering. And work executed for world-wide large companies in the aeronautical, space and offshore branches. Or we can also help you with the visualization of your product or project generating images by computer graphics for the purpose of advertising, to your client demonstration,
  colors and finishing studies, or light and shadow studies, etc.
Our Services
Our support to your project
  1. FEM3D car
    During all phases of a project people and clients must understand your ideas in each step of the design process. The best tool to achieve common understanding is through one or more images. And with the computer generated images it is possible to obtain the best results.
  2. FEM3D FEA
    Finite Elements
    Nowadays it is possible to make simulations and structural calculations with extreme precision saving a lot for your company through out the design process and without 'overdesign' and avoiding many design cycles and prototypes. We have experience with the main certification authorities.
  3. FEM3D
    We can assist you with your projects in any of those areas performing specialized calculation or as a technical support or checking your models. We also help you deploy and structure your company FE groups. We can make presentations, lectures and courses.
About us
We have more than 15 years of experience with finite element analysis and 3D visualization. We have already performed projects with the largest companies in the world of aviation, space and offshore. During all these years we had contact and projects approved by the certification authorities of each of these fields of engineering. Contact us, we are sure that we can give the appropriate support to your project with clarity in the objectives to be fulfilled.
1st Project
Special Price for the 1st Project
We are giving a 40% discount for the first 10 Projects.
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